Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pizza 101: cheese

In today's lesson we are going to talk cheese.  I have used many different mozzarella cheeses, and I have decided that the best choice is grating your own cheese.  
But if money is no option, then fresh mozzarella is where it's at!
I used this cheese for years.  It is my grocery store brand cheese.  
It is easy and the pizza it makes is good... or so I thought.
Then I bought the same store brand cheese but in a brick that I could grate myself. The brick is 20 cents cheaper, not that big of a savings.  Also, I am a lazy person that doesn't like to wash the grater.  There is a huge difference in the taste of grating yourself.  I guess the powder they coat the bag stuff with so it doesn't clump makes it taste and melt so much differently.  The cheese you grate yourself melts in a magical way and tastes way better!!
From now on I will be washing the grater when I make pizza. 
Maybe I should just get the hubby to do it... hmmmm...

Fresh mozzarella cheese is the most delicious and rich cheese to have on pizza, but it is expensive.  So it is a treat for me to put this on pizza.  If you are going to use fresh mozzarella cheese you need to squeeze the water out of it, or you will have water puddles on your pizza when you cook it.  Water puddles on your pizza are a disaster.  They make the crust soggy in the center and the pizza cooks unevenly and is hard to get onto the pizza stone.  

To squeeze the water out put it on a clean dish towel and on a plate.  Fold the towel over and put another plate on top.  Put the plate in the fridge for a few hours with some condiments on top to weigh it down and squeeze the moisture out of the cheese.  
Class dismissed :)

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