Friday, January 18, 2013

Orange Office Chair

Hubby decided I needed a new chair to sew in.  I was using his chair from college and we graduated over 10 years ago.  He saw this orange one online and convinced me I needed a new chair. UPDATE: He got the chair at, it was on sale and they have other colors. I will say that I was ok keeping the chair I had, and then I sat in this chair.  Man my other chair was really not comfortable! This feels so much better!!! Hubby is the best, he really takes care of me :)

This has been a great week! I have gotten so much done :) I also had a very impulsive and intense pregnancy craving that consumed me...
...deviled eggs.  I saw a commercial for eggs and it was pretty much over.  I already crave eggs everyday and seeing that commercial doesn't help me.  I eat 2 over easy eggs for breakfast everyday.  Yes, I know I shouldn't eat undercooked food, but I just can't stop eating it!! I may have ran to the store in the sweatpants I vowed to never wear in public to buy some already hard boiled eggs so I could make this ASAP.  They were delicious!

We also moved PB to his big boy room this week!
He was very excited when we got the bed put together last weekend.  It was sitting in our garage in boxes for a few weeks before we could put it together.  He loves sleeping in his new room.  Really the only thing done in there is the bed, but I have been working on things this week for his room.
This is a tiny peek at something I am working on for his room :)

He is very excited about the things I have been making for his room!
He gives the baby and I lots of hugs for making him things :) He is super sweet... sometimes.  

Like on Wednesday he was being really nice and he said, "Today I am going to be a good boy.  But tomorrow I'm going to be RUDE!" I just thought he was being funny, he was not.  He was definitely rude yesterday. He did promise to be nice today :) 

I am going to the happiest place on earth, IKEA, on Monday.  I'll see you next week with some basement reveal!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


KendasCrafts said...

that last photo is so sweet! Glad PB likes his new room and bed. That was a big worry for me when we put my oldest in his big-boy bed. He had no interest in the bed at the store, but once it was in his room he loved it!

Shanea said...

Haha! At least he gave you a warning. My son told me that he was on both of Santa's lists like it was a badge of honor.
Yay! Your new chair sounds perfect!

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