Monday, January 28, 2013

PB's valentines

PB finished his Valentine's this week.  I am crazy nesting and crossing everything off our list that could come up in the next two months. I even bought the ice cream cake for PB's birthday in March.  I don't want to let anything slip past me when the baby gets here.  Finishing the Valentine's was an easy thing to cross off thanks to this fantastic printable I found.  
I didn't take a close up because they are already written out.  But they are for glow bracelets. The say, "Valentine, you make my heart glow." I liked that we would be doing something a little different than candy.  Candy is fantastic, and he is obsessed with chocolate.  I just didn't want to put too much candy association with Valentine's Day. Or he will want it to be Valentine's everyday!  I did change up the printable in Illustrator so PB could hand color the heart.  He is working on learning to stay in the lines. 
We did it over 2 mornings.  I even let him do the cutting. That part you can really tell he did himself :) He is very excited to give these out to his class, he just has to wait a few weeks lol


KendasCrafts said...

Thanks for the link to the printable! This is the first year my oldest gets to hand out Valentines. I think I'm ore excited than he is. :-)

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

You are so prepared and organize and I strive to be like you! Cool idea for Vday.

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