Monday, January 7, 2013

Nesting for #2: PB's closet!

I am officially nesting! I have this weird energy to get things done.  It feels really good too because we only have 7 weeks until my due date! YIKES!
The closet before and after.

Last week my Mom and I worked on PB's big boy closet. She is the best and planned the whole thing out.  She cluttersharked that thing!

We had one tricky obstacle:
The closet isn't flat in the back.  Actually the side that sticks out is skinny and a regular hanger can't hang there.  We decided to make that side all shelves. 

We used the system that has a top hanging bar and the adjustable shelves that go down.  I want this closet to grow with PB as he gets bigger and his clothes get bigger.  Make sure you don't hang that top bar too close to the ceiling! Leave a few inches.  Leave a foot even, you don't need a shelf that high in the closet :)

Here are some tips for planning a closet:
1.  Think. What do you need from your closet? Who is using the closet?  How tall are they?  What do you want to fit in the closet? Think about all these things before you plan.
2.  Measure everything and draw up a plan.  First we measured the closet and drew it out on paper.  Then, we measured his clothes, and the bins for the loose clothes before we bought anything.  We figured out how many shelves we would need and what type, hanging shelves or just shelves.  
3. Buy all your closet stuff at the same store.  That means don't go to both Lowes and Home Depot to buy things, they carry different brands and they DO NOT fit together.  We may have learned this one the hard way and might have had to return and buy a bunch of stuff right when we wanted to start working on the closet. Don't feel too bad for us though, we got to go to lunch while we were out :)  Definitely go to both stores to compare them and see what will work better for your closet and make your store choice that way.  They can cut the long closet pieces down to fit your size. You may be able to get 3 or 4 closet shelves out of one of the long pieces, it is cheaper to cut a long one down then buy 4 shorter ones that need to be cut.  

Here is how it is organized:
I am really thrilled with how it turned out. The best part is PB goes in there and can reach all the clothes he needs to get dressed.  We are not going to have a dresser in the room and that is why we used baskets from IKEA as drawers. There is still a bunch of space in there too! 

He has really enjoyed the freedom to get dressed by himself in the morning and choose his clothes.  He is very good at dressing himself and always matches! He is my little Tim Gunn :)

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erica said...

I need to send this post to my friend her daughters closet is a disaster and she isn't even one yet! xx

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