Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Basement progress: the home stretch

We are still putting things away in the basement.  The garage is almost empty and in about one more hour of work Hubby will be able to park his car in there again :) I did some work this weekend on our giant pile:
There were a few craft bins, some baby stuff, and other miscellaneous stuff that needed to be put away.  We were also dog sitting :) that's Maggie.  She was a super great helper!

After an hour of work this is what is left:
The baskets are empty and need to be taken up to the nursery and the 2 bins that are left are for Hubby's office. There is a box of frames in there too.  I need to either hang them as they are or get some new art in them and cut new matts.  Hubby unpacked his DVD's 2 weekends ago.  We had DVD shelves that we used in our old house but the just didn't work in the basement.  We will eventually get a different unit to hold the TV that has storage in them for DVDs but it's no rush.

I also worked on the craft area:
It isn't too messy in this pic. I really haven't shared what the space looks like yet.  So here is a little peek, I'll do a more detailed post on it soon. The main thing I worked on this weekend was putting the fabric in those bins on the left away in the drawers.

The bins are gone! Well, one bin now has batting in it and is under the desk.  Confession: i organized one drawer and then got tired and just put the sorted fabric in the other two.  Second Confession: I may have worked for an hour and then took a nap in the orange blob for a little while and finished when I woke up.  

Here is the top drawer.  I cut down some cardboard from the IKEA packages to make drawer dividers. 

We are so close to being done, I can taste it. Hubby has a pile of office stuff to go through and put away.  Maybe he will get to that this weekend.  It has been really gloomy here lately, hopefully it clears up and I get some good light for pics.

I was sewing down there yesterday and it was really nice to sit in that new space.  Hubby said working down there feels totally different now.  We think the murder red carpet seeped into our sub conscience and made us angry.  Also having the new cork floors in there makes it easier for me to grab all the things I need when I am working.  Rolling a chair on the carpet is really hard!

I have actually been working on lots of things the last 2 weeks for PB's big boy room and sewing for baby.  I will be ready to share soon!


KendasCrafts said...

so excited for you! love the all the organization you have in your sewing area. That's one thing i really need to work on.

Shanea said...

YAY! Looks so pulled together and welcoming. The perfect duo space. Love your progress and the fact that you are getting some rest too. KUDOS!

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