Friday, January 4, 2013

Orange Couch!!!

I still can't believe I get to type the words orange couch!!!! 
We bought an orange couch for the basement!!!! It is from IKEA and sadly if you are an orange lover like me then you will have a hard time finding this couch in orange.  It was on clearance (SCORE!) and it was delivered the day after Christmas with the rest of our IKEA order.  They are not going to be selling this couch in orange anymore. So if you love orange and you see something orange at IKEA, buy it right away because they don't carry the color for long. 

Let me just clear one thing up, Hubby wanted this couch.  He pushed me to get it, not the other way around.  I was happy to wait a few months or so to get a couch.  He admitted yesterday it was because he wanted to get a couch now to finish the room and he knew I couldn't say no to an orange couch.  He's right, I have a known weakness for orange.  

I am going to start sharing our basement progress soon and I just couldn't wait to share the couch.  We have been making the push to get it done.  I will also be sharing PB's closet next week.  My Mom and I finished it yesterday! 

Have a great weekend!!!


KendasCrafts said...

awesome-sauce. :-)

Shanea said...

WOW! It was meant to and on clearance. YAY for a new couch that brings you joy simply by being so ORANGE! So cool :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

What is the make and model I want this couch

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