Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nesting for #2: sewing burp cloths

I have been cutting fabric and pinning like crazy.
These burp cloths are really the only thing I have completed so far.  They are really quick to make, I made some for my BFF who is expecting too (B, act surprised).  The pattern is here. Four of the burp cloths have the same pattern on the front with the blue, grey and orange but two are backed with grey flannel and two are backed with orange flannel.  The last one on the left is snuggle flannel with animals and the back is white and it's super soft with the bumpy circles.  My brain is not working and I can't remember what it is called :)

This has been a super productive week.  My Mom has been helping me nest.  We cleaned out the nursery and she scrubbed it down for me. I hung baby clothes, PB and I made art for the baby room and my Mom made and hung some valences.  I just have to bring everything else back into the room.  I will share some pics soon when we get the bed together, it is still set for PB's toddler bed.  I also started packing my hospital bag and cleaned out half my bedroom and really scrubbed it down.  I am nesting for sure!! Less than 5 weeks until my due date!

I am working on a new crib skirt, a nursing cover, a boppy cover, my cards for card swap next week and a few other things for B.  I will try my hardest to share as I complete things :) PB's big boy room is nearly done and I am so excited about it!  Hope you all are having a great week too!!

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KendasCrafts said...

Is it minky??

Why is a notch cut on one side of the burp clothes? Is that supposed to be where your neck goes? If so, that is genius!

As always, love your fabric selection. :-)

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