Friday, November 9, 2012

Orange blanket

Hubby and I went to Ireland a few years ago with his family.  We picked up this beautiful blanket there.  It is 70% mohair and 30% wool.  I really wanted to get something there that was wool and unique but nothing was really our style. But one store had many modern options.  It is a lap blanket.  It doesn't get much use because it just isn't long enough for me to snuggle up with but hubby used it when we didn't have power.  He said it was very warm. 

I have the best news ever to share with you... MY MOM MOVED HERE THIS WEEK!!!! She got here Tuesday night and is staying with us until she finds a place.  So if I am not so active on here it is because I am having too much fun with her.  PB is so excited that she is here.  He just wants to have Gammie time all day long and doesn't want me or my hubby around.  It's funny.  

I am working on a list of all the things I have to make for the holidays, for PB's big boy room and for the baby. It is going to be a long list.  Hopefully I will get started on some things soon and will have lots to share. We are still slowly chugging away at our basement.  The carpet guys aren't scheduled yet and we have yet to start patching and painting.  So the project that we thought would be done before Thanksgiving won't be done until after. We did get our new backdoor installed this week, I need to make a new privacy screen for it. Here is the old one.  I can't decide on a new design.    

Happy Weekend!!! 


KendasCrafts said...

oh the holiday to-do list. I've started mine and I think I'm adding things faster than I can check them off. Yay for your mom and love the blanket!

Shanea said...

Yay!! Your Mom is there, I know how happy that makes you. Enjoy your time with her and try to get some projects tackled. But most of all get some rest, two little ones is going to require some energy in the reserve tanks :)

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