Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Basement Progress: We Painted!

We made some major progress on the basement this weekend.

On Friday after I did some Black Friday shopping with my BFF, B, my Mom and I went down and got my craft area all cleared and taped.  My mom taped the rest of the room over the past few days. She is awesome.  I couldn't have stood on that ladder and taped.

Hubby worked on his space in the afternoon.  So this was all of it before it was cleared out some.  To prepare painting Hubby and my mom moved a bunch of stuff from the basement and took the railings down in the stairwell.  

We painted the room Olympic's Gray Ghost from Lowes. We chose the paint and primer in one that was Low VOC in a flat finish. I thought the big 5 gallon bucket would be enough for this space and most of our bedroom.  We have less than a half gallon left, so it looks like we bought the right amount for the room. The three of us painted the whole room and the stairway all day Saturday.  We painted the stairway ceiling the same color as the walls.  I am glad we made the push and all worked hard to get the room done in one day.

Here is the room after we painted: 

All of the craft shelves went back up and we left the desks there temporarily.  Hubby works from home so he can't take that down until next weekend.  Our carpet is being installed on Monday.

This is the pile that has to be moved to the garage. You can also see the doors here are white, my Mom painted them. It is Olympic's Ultra White paint from Lowes.  That one you can just buy off the shelf. The doors were unfinished wood.  Really makes the room look more finished.  

You can see most of the space here.  Look at all that murder red carpet!  Our large table is gone and so is a bunch of other furniture. My Mom called some guys to come pick it up.  It was a relief to get rid of those things. Now we will be able to have a play space for PB.  Hubby and I have been waiting for the day when legos will be in the house.  We are going to make a lego station down here so the baby can't get into them.

My Mom spent all day Sunday painting doors and woodwork on the stairs.  Here you get a better idea of the paint color.  It is a soft grey that just warms the space up.  I am the door and woodwork painter and if she wouldn't have take over that task, they never would have gotten done. She rocks!!

Sunday I pulled tape down and put some of my craft space back together.  I was very sore on Sunday and could barely lift my legs.  I definitely over did it painting that room on Saturday.  I finally feel good today.  I might be a little too pregnant to do this much of a project.  

This week Hubby and I are going to get the baseboards and my Mom has offered to paint them on Sunday when we are at a family function for Hubby's side.  We need to get that baseboard installed in the office area or it will never get done!!

We are far from finished.  Now we need to get some furniture from IKEA.  We are going to make a trip down there in the next 2 weeks to order it.  I also have to order the furniture for PB's big boy room.  I just figures out that I am in my 3rd trimester and I am starting to freak out.  We barely have a list of names, and none of the rooms are ready.  I know it will all come together, it is just a little overwhelming right now.  


Unknown said...

It looks awesome! I love the carpet and the orange chandelier. Did you make it?

Shanea said...

The space is really coming together and my goodness your mom is a lifesaver! Don't work too hard missy :)

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