Friday, November 2, 2012

orange cheese curls

So those cheese curls that I bought in storm preparation.  Best. Idea. Ever.
Those cheese curls look like mouths! I took this picture when I was seriously losing my mind. We had just checked into a hotel, I am wearing no makeup, and PB had been talking for the last hour straight.  But right after I took this pic and sent it to be a blog post, we got our power back!!  So while this pic is a little bit humiliating, It really kinda says everything you need to know about me.  I'm crazy pants.  Maybe that never came through on here before.  

So we are in our home and we feel so lucky that we have power finally and that there was really no damage to our house.  Just a leaky window.  I did have to throw away everything in the fridge and freezer.  But here is the bright side, most of that food was on it's way out anyway.  So maybe Sandy did me a small favor in making me clean the fridge and freezer, it did really need to be done.  My BFF lives down my street and she still doesn't have power.  Actually the houses across the street from me don't have power either.  It is a strange sight because it is the same neighborhood. So many other people still don't have power either. And so many people have had horrific damage to their homes so I know how lucky we are. 

This week has tested my patience.  Specifically with PB because he just loves to push all my buttons at once and school was closed all week.  My hubby is wonderful and really prepared us for this storm. (I am seriously working on a post of the things that got us through.)  This week has also made me so grateful.  We are all healthy and have a home to live in.  While we didn't have power, I tried to make it a home with hot meals.  This week has also taught me that while I can cook many things, box mac and cheese is not one of them. Now that we are back with power, I am catching up on all the news I missed.  The images are just heartbreaking.   My thoughts and hugs go out to all the people that have felt the worst from this storm.  

I hope you have a great weekend.


Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

glad your power is back on! We thankfully didn't lose power, but i can imagine how difficult it was for you guys (and others!). Glad you're safe and maybe feeling sane again :)

KendasCrafts said...

lol, love the pic and really happy you have power. Cleaning out the fridge is awful! I imagine its somewhat easier with an empty fridge. :-)

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