Friday, November 16, 2012

Orange spicy sauce

The orange cravings are still going strong.  I have blogged about my problem before.  
My new thing this week is dipping my grilled cheese sandwich in hot sauce.  And not just any hot sauce...

A spicy tasty hot sauce.  I am craving spicy lately, and it has to be set my mouth on fire spicy too.  I saw this on the shelf at the store and the baby made me buy it and does crazy dances in my belly when I eat it.  I have eaten it in a normal way like as a buffalo chicken sandwich. I have been tempted to drink it out of the bottle.  I am pretty sure this sauce could make cardboard edible.  Oh and I have had no heartburn so far and I got it like twice the first time.  PB was super bald :)  I am seriously lucky!
  Frank's has no idea I am shouting from the mountain that I love this so much.  But Frank, if you are out there, send me some sauce! The baby wants it!! I have been eating more orange food than I usually do, I am starting to think the baby might come out orange :) 

The cluttershark (my mom) has been busting my butt to get some clutter busted this week :) It has been nice, and it definitely looks much better in here.  She is always in clutter attack mode at my house.  Probably because there is so much "chum in the water." I have lots of little clutter piles everywhere that just make the cluttershark crazy.  We are also planning Thanksgiving day eats.  We are going to do appetizer lunch and then the full dinner.  I am close to finishing the advent calendar too! I made some major progress last night. I have also been browsing the Black Friday ads online and started my lists.  I can't wait!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Shanea said...

A baby oompa loompa would not be nice, you saucy lady!!
I need a Momma intervention on this end too and lucky for me she will be here Wednesday! Have a fantastic holiday week.

KendasCrafts said...

lol, too funny!

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