Monday, November 19, 2012

Basement progress

The Cluttershark is here busting my butt to bust some clutter :) We are getting closer to having the basement ready for carpet.  This project was supposed to be done a few weeks ago, but it is taking a little longer than we expected.  Right now the carpet won't be installed until half way through December.  Nothing like adding to the holiday stress :)

  Here are the before pics.  When I see those pics, I realize that we have gotten a ton done even through it doesn't feel like it.  Thanks to my Mom we are much closer to painting and having the space cleared.  

This weekend we spent 2 mornings in my craft area. We went through every box, every shelf and every container and changed things up a bit. We got rid of "weird" containers.  That is my mom's way of saying ugly.  So everything is in a plastic bin or a orange box and looks much more uniform.  The few things that aren't in bins are display items or are my utensils.  The way it looks in this pic, is not the final reveal. Everything has to be moved so we can paint the walls.  So stuff will be put back right when we are done painting. There is more space on the shelves now and I am pretty excited about that.  

I will admit that I had somethings on those shelves that made it through 2 reorganizing sessions.  It was stuff I wasn't using but never got rid of it.  Well, I got real and got rid of it.  No more hoarding weird craft supplies.  

Here is the rest of the room, just a few more things to be carried upstairs.  I have been patching and sanding the walls.  I just need to prime and we are ready to paint!!  I think we have picked out the perfect grey for the walls and we just have to go pick it up! 

I have to say that my Mom has been a huge help the last 2 weeks she has been staying with us.  She is also super awesome and made a bunch of trips to goodwill for us. Although I still think she tricked me into getting rid of stuff and then quickly brought it to donate so I wouldn't have a chance to think about it :) Maybe that is the key to getting rid of stuff, you need someone to force you to get rid of it and then make it disappear.  

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Shanea said...

Good for you for letting go. Sometimes I feel like a hoarder as I can come up with a reason to save a paper clip. It is insane!

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