Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Window Art

We have a door in our living room to go out to the patio.  When we moved in, there was a very hideous, curry scented, bolted on curtain that I promptly removed.  I put of a piece of white craft paper on the window for a few months to decide what I wanted up there when I came up with this idea using... paper!!
And it turned out great!!
Now I have art on my window!
It was a pretty simple stencil.
From outside at night.   
It works great for privacy, it is easy to clean, and removable!!

Make your own!
1.  Make a stencil or just draw straight or curvy lines.
2.  Cut out the pattern.
3.  Apply to the window.  Clean window first!  Peel a small portion and start sticking it to the glass.  Use a gift card or credit card to smooth it onto the glass and peel the back away.  Work slowly so there is no bubbles.
4.  To clean window I use water and a microfiber cloth.  

**During back to school time you can get sticky paper that they sell for book protectors and they come in many colors.  Imagine all the fun things you could do with colors!!  You may see them pop up back here in the near future!

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