Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Friday Loot

Here is just some of my loot that I picked up on Black Friday at Joanns...
Blizzard fleece in a nice variety to make some more deep pocket scarves.  There were 3 more in the pile, but I made some scarves and gave them away already.  I am making a few for PB's teachers too.  

I picked up this christmas fabric to make an advent calendar.  It is now the 7th and I have not started it yet.  I think this might end up in the pile with the christmas pillows I wanted to make last year and never started :-/

I also bought 8 skeins of yarn, a bunch of notions, 2 bags of batting, stuffing, 3 yards of fabric i didn't need and a cookie tin.  I knitted 4 skeins of yarn and am working on the 5th now.  The other 3 skeins were for my stash to make baby hats.  

Hubby is away this week and I am hoping it is a productive week and I get some PJ pants done and take my serger for a spin!!

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KendasCrafts said...

Isn't funny how sales make you buy stuff you don't need? I am the same way and avoided Joanns on Black Friday because I knew I'd end up with a cart-full of stuff that I don't really need! :-)

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