Monday, December 19, 2011

PB's Man Accessories

PB is obsessed with all the accessories his daddy has.  He can turn anything into a watch or wallet and has been begging for a belt.  So I made him some man accessories and I used some fabric that I bought as an impulse on Black Friday at Joanns. 
PB likes to take my fabric scraps and stick them in his shirt and pretend he is Jack from 30 Rock.  Is it inappropriate for a 2.5 year old to like to watch 30 Rock?  Sure.  But I love the way he pretends he is Jack so it's ok :) I followed Very Homemade's Little Man Tie tutorial to make him a tie.  

I used a scrap piece of 1 inch elastic for the watch.  I sewed a pocket of fabric that was just a little longer and almost the same width so it wouldn't be bulky but would still stretch a little.  Then I took a scrap and turned it into the face of the watch.  I hand stitched the hands with thick thread.

I followed Noodlehead's Basic Boys Wallet tutorial. This is the inside of the wallet complete with money compartment and card holders.  PB is going to go crazy.  I can't wait!!

While I was making PB's belt I made one for his BFF, A.  I saw the birds in my bin and knew it would make a really cute girl belt.  I followed the pattern in Sewing for Boys to make the belt.  These were crazy easy to make I could see whipping up a bunch in fun fabrics to go with a boys wardrobe.  PB wears a lot of orange of course :)

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KendasCrafts said...

how fun and adorable!

Sam W. said...

so stinking cute!! i'm sure he'll love it all :)

Shanea said...

Love this gift. He is going to feel like such a big boy. Great job!

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