Friday, December 9, 2011

Orange glass dish

My mom brought me this orange glass dish back from Italy.  I love that there is a clear stripe and little blue in there too.  My mom loves blue and it complements orange so well :) This dish usually lives on one of my shelves propped up.  When I am cooking i put it flat and stick my rings in it.  

I had a pretty productive week, I used my serger for the first time and It was so nice and really made my project go together so much quicker.  No more double rolling hems for me :) I still have a lot of sewing and knitting to do before Christmas, I just hope I get it all done!! Happy weekend!!


Sam W. said...

you are so good. i'm doing no handmade gifts this year. i just ran out of time and didn't have any great ideas. hope you get all yours finished!

Shanea said...

What a nice really have orange everywhere :)

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