Thursday, December 22, 2011

pin cushion with personalized pins

 I made my crafty, BFF B a pin cushion with some personalized pins.  I saw the idea for the pins a few months ago on No Big Dill and followed her tutorial.  Katy made hers orange :)  I made some orange ones too while I was gluing these.

I had some purple fat quarters and a purple button and whipped this up in no time.  B makes a ton of handmade gifts for her family and she was saying how the project she was sewing wasn't going so well.  I asked her if she was pinning and she laughed.  I knew right then that she needed some pretty purple pins. 

Of course like 5 minutes after I made this I saw these cute owl stuffies that I thought would be really fun pin cushions.  DOH!!!

These pins and a pin cushion would make a great gift for any sewer you know.  

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