Friday, December 30, 2011

Orange travel bag

Hubby did get me some orange things for Christmas.  He is the best!!

This is an orange travel bag that hooks onto the tray hook on the plane.  It really came in handy because we were in AZ for Christmas!!  This held everything I needed to keep PB happy on the plane.

We have only been back a few days and have had some visitors so I haven't taken the photos off my camera but here are a few pics from my trip I had on my phone.
Here is my cutie nephew, N!!! We took care of him for a whole day!  It was the best day.  He is 6 months and is so smiley. 
PB loves his cousin and N thought PB was the greatest thing ever. N kept whipping his head around to see what PB was doing, it was so sweet.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo while we were there and I got to walk with N in the carrier.  I loved carrying PB in this carrier and it was nice having a baby strapped to me again.

I got lots of snuggles in with my guys.  I had such a nice trip and it was so great being with my Mom, Bro and SIL.  Hubby and I even got a night away while we were there.  I was very sad to leave and come back to reality.  I'll share some more pics soon.  I'm going to enjoy some more relaxing time with my family.  Happy Weekend!!


Angela said...

totally need that bag--where can I get one?
and the boys are awful cute too!

Kris @ said...

hubby got it at MOMA online. the company is flight 000 they have a store in San Francisco and i think a few other places. you can order it online.

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