Friday, October 7, 2011

Orange Skeleton

Check out my glittery orange skeleton that I got on clearance after Halloween last year at Target.  He greets everyone when they come in the front door.  I actually forgot I bought this guy and when I was unpacking my Halloween decor bin I had a very nice surprise. 

There is nothing I love better than an after holiday clearance.  My favorite thing to look for on holiday clearance is bakeware.  Last year I got 2 cupcake tins with to-go lids for only 5 bucks!! So if you are looking to run into me on November 1st, I'll be at Target (both of them) checking out the deals :) Hopefully I get some more orange for my house year round too!

Happy Weekend!! I hope you get to do lots of fall activities!  We are going to a pumpkin patch and hopefully picking up some more apples, I am in the mood to bake.

1 comment:

Sam W. said...

i've never seen a skeleton look so cute and chic!

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