Friday, October 28, 2011

Orange Laptop Bag

This is my orange bag that I used to take to work everyday when I was a teacher.  It has sat sadly in the basement for the last 2 years but has come out of hiding recently.  I have more responsibilities with my MOMS Club and this guy gets to go with me to meetings.  My hubby found this bag for me at Timbuk2 many years ago.  

Tonight is Trick or Treat.  I really don't like that it isn't on Halloween, I feel like it ends the month early.  Happy Halloween weekend!!


Sam W. said...

cute bag! hope you guys have an awesome weekend. i showed bennett the sheep costume and he about died. thought it was so dang cute!! we also loved the video : )

Shanea said...

That bag is too cute to have tucked away. Glad that you are able to use it again for your new responsibilities.

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