Monday, October 3, 2011

7 Minute Halloween Garland Wreath

In just 7 minutes I made my front door a little spookier :) It really did only take me 7 minutes and that included a run to the basement to get ribbon to hang it on my door.  

you need:
A 12 inch styrofoam ring 
2 pkgs 3 ft length garland (i picked these up on clearance at target last year)
9-11 straight pins
cardboard pumpkins (i got these at joanns)
ribbon about 16 inches- to hang it on the door

Stick a pin through the end of the garland and into the styrofoam ring.

Start wrapping.  Since you are using 2 packages of garland, make sure the first covers the first 1/2 of the ring.  Secure end with another pin and pin the start of the second strand of garland and keep wrapping. End with another pin. So far you have only used 4 pins!

To stick the pumpkins onto the wreath, I tied a knot at the bottom of the strand for my pin to go through.  Then I just stuck it in the wreath where it looked good. 

To Hang: I cut a 16 inch length of ribbon and pinned it on the back of the wreath with more straight pins.  so easy!!!

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1 comment:

Sam W. said...

so cute!! i need to get out my fall's just so hard when i still sweat when walking outside!

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