Monday, October 10, 2011

Drawstring backpack

PB's friend, M, turned 3 last month.  I whipped him up a drawstring backpack using Anna from Noodlehead's tutorial.  This was really easy to sew and will be great to hold some cars when he is on the go.

Anna's tutorial uses khaki pants to make the bag.  I didn't have khaki pants that hubs would let me cut up.  M loves trains and cars so this fabric I thought would be cute for him.  I appliqued an "M" on the bag.  If I made this bag again, I would put the M towards the center of the bag, it kinda disappears when the top gets closed.  

I I haven't started PB's halloween costume yet!! ACK!  I had a few projects that I had to finish before I was allowed to start the costume.  One of the major projects was wedding photos.  I took photos at a wedding a few weeks ago and had over 2200 pics to go though, edit, retouch and make pretty.  They are finally done and they look awesome! 

Here is a peek at one of the group shots:
This really took up all my free time so I am so glad to be done :) 
Time to get started on the costume!

1 comment:

Sam W. said...

the bag is so cute!! and you are just full of talents - sewing, cooking, crafting, wedding photos...i'm amazed!

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