Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday surprise

Today is my birthday and I am 32.  Normally I wouldn't post about my birthday but my Hubby, for the first time ever, baked me a cake.  
He even iced it himself.  It was also the first time he ever used our Kitchen Aid mixer.  He didn't know how to turn it on :)  It has only been in our kitchen for over 7 years!  PB helped by asking over and over again to eat the cake.  

Hubs made me the cake my Mom made me every year for my birthday, a carrot cake.  He got the recipe from my mom and everything.  I had a really great day but the icing on the cake (HA) was Hubby baking for me.  What a wonderful surprise :)

The cake was delicious! I hope this isn't the last time he bakes :)

1 comment:

Shanea said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love that he baked for you, super sweet!

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