Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange magnet for orange art

PB made some cute artwork at school this week.  They do a bunch of crafts with hand prints, it just melts my heart.  He is always so proud of his artwork and can't wait to see it on the fridge.  We always use orange magnets to hold up the artwork.  This one is from IKEA, no surprise.  If I see orange at IKEA it just jumps in my cart and goes home with me.

PB is not feeling great today so he didn't go to school :( He just wants to lay on the couch and watch Shaun the Sheep.  My Hubs has been working really long hours too which is a bummer.  But all this staying in the house and having to entertain myself at night means PB's costume is almost done!! I can't wait to show it to you!!! Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

Sam W. said...

cute art, PB! hope he feels better soon and that the hubs gets some rest.

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