Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Basement progress: Carpet is in!!

This is what the basement looked like at the beginning of the day yesterday:
The crew came nice and early and ripped out all the carpet.
Here is the pile on our driveway.  I came home from Dropping off PB at preschool to find this pile.  It was a relief seeing that pile! In a matter of hours, the room was done!

Here is the finished carpet:
It is a lovely sea of soothing grey.  You can kinda see the cork in the far corner of the room.  That area isn't fully finished yet, a threshold piece has to be put in between the carpet and the cork.  Hubby already set his office back up and my sewing area back up.  He also carried down all my packed craft area boxes! I am all ready to unpack!! 

We are going shopping at IKEA this weekend to pick up a few things and to pick out some book cases for the space.  Hubby is getting a new desk and I get his old one!!! There is the perfect amount of space to put his desk next to mine so I will have one long mega desk :) I am beyond excited about that and I know Hubby is excited about his new desk.  I am sure my craft area will be the first thing finished in the room.  I'll share some pics as we finish things up!

Have a wonderful day!!


Shanea said...

YAY! And why would you want to get rid of that carpet?! I kid, I kid! Love the soothing grey all that is missing is the pop of color that your orange is sure to bring. Awesome change!

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