Friday, December 14, 2012

Orange iPad stand

Hubby got me this last year for Christmas.  When there is no iPad on it, it just looks like an orange dish.  But pop out the little drawer and you have an iPad stand.  I only use the iPad like 1% of the time.  My laptop sits on our coffee table so I am usually on that.  
But when I cook or have to use a recipe online, this stand is seriously useful.  It holds the iPad at the perfect angle to sit on my counter and tell me what is next in the recipe.  The stand is called the Nest and it is from Blue Lounge.  If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone with an iPad, I highly recommend it!
I was not compensated in anyway nor will I be compensated if you buy this awesome product.  I just love it :)

I got some projects sewn this week and even got to serge a few things! I am almost done with my Christmas shopping (YAY) and not finished with wrapping.  It is hard wrapping pregnant :) especially since I like to wrap sitting on the floor.  

We are cutting down our tree this weekend and decorating it! I will also be making a ton of cookies for PB to take to school next week.  We volunteered for cookies at his class party and cookies for the holiday program.  I figure if I am going to make cookies, I might as well make a bunch! Have a great weekend!!!

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