Monday, December 24, 2012

Basement Progress: Baseboard Molding

This weekend we made some progress on the basement.

I got to play with my favorite power tool, my chop saw.  I am seriously awesome at measuring and cutting, there I said it! I might be a little too pregnant to do it, and was so sore when we were done, but it was really fun.  

Here is how it looks against the carpet and wall. It really finishes off the space nicely.  We chose wide baseboards instead of the standard size that usually comes in your house.  We also chose to use pre-primed MDF instead of wood molding.  The MDF cuts so much nicer.  My Mom is wonderful and was nice enough to paint the boards so all we have to do is fill the nail holes and touch up.

If you have never installed baseboards before, then hit YouTube up for some videos.  I have done it one time before and I watch a hilarious amount of HGTV and DIY shows that have taught me how to do it.

I am awesome at measuring and cutting but there is one thing I am seriously terrible at, hammering. Hubby did all that.  One day we will get a nail gun and then watch out world! But until then, I need someone to hammer. I caulked the top of the molding where the MDF meets the wall but only in the office area.  I still have the rest of the basement to do.  We also used corner pieces to make our lives easier. They are totally worth it and they look like we are trying to be fancy, not lazy :)

We got most of it done while PB napped but he did come down for the end of the project.  When he saw me cutting wood and Hubby nailing, he proclaimed us to be AWESOME! PB watches a lot of HGTV with me and I guess he never thought he would get a little live demo at home.  He even got his toy hammer out to help.

Well, this is it from me until next year.  We are having some IKEA furniture delivered this week for the basement and PB's big boy room!! We are also going to enjoy some family time, I am going to meet up with an old friend and hopefully Hubby and I will get a movie date in.  I have one post scheduled sharing a gift I made for Christmas but other than that, it is going to be pretty quiet around here.  Maybe I will pop back for Orange Friday, depends on how much fun we are having :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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