Friday, August 31, 2012

Orange beach blanket

I guess technically it is an orange, yellow, red and blue beach blanket but let's just focus on the orange :) I made this years ago right after I graduated college.  It is just bandanas sewn together.  The back and front are the same.  I did not quilt this blanket but I wish I would have.  There are little ties holding the batting in place.  Around the edges the batting is pulling away.  I would love to redo this but I think we will just keep using it until I get some time to do that :)

I tried really hard to squeeze a whole bunch of things into this last week of summer.  I will revisit my Summer Bucket List later but here is what we were up to this week:

SBL #32: fly a kite is done!
I got this for $1 at Target at the beginning of the summer. 
Sadly there was only a tiny breeze today so PB ran with the kite to get it to fly. He had fun and got super tired.  It was awesome!

This week PB and I also went to the pool, made a trip to the zoo, did free bowling, went to a baseball game, went to the park, had friends over, had a pool playdate, went to the amusement park with a friend and I made my cards for card swap.  It was a crazy week.  Hubby was traveling all this week.  Hubby and I also celebrated our 15 year dating anniversary this week while he was away.  Next week is our last week before PreSchool starts.  Hubby is going to take a few days off and we are going to have some family fun! So see you next Friday!! Americans, enjoy your long weekend :)

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Unknown said...

I love the blanket! Such an awesome idea, and one maybe even I (with my lack of sewing skills) could manage. :)

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