Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Shower Gift

I know I haven't been posting too much this summer and I apologize.  I just really haven't been sewing or making any new recipes.  Summer has just been too fun.  All that fun means PB's nap time has many times been my nap time.  I did sew a baby gift for one of Hubby's cousins.  She directed me towards navy and pairing other colors with it.  When she said navy I had the floral print below in mind.  I saw it the week before and thought it was really sweet.  She is having a baby girl and it was refreshing to not sew everything pink.
Starting from the left is a pink taggie blanket.  It is fleece on one side and knit on the other. Then going across the top is a crinkle taggie toy, hat with a flower pin, and a nursing cover in floral.  Then there are 3 burp cloths on the bottom.  They are all a little different.  

I really do love making this as a gift for a new mom.  I know you can buy all these things but they are things that everyone uses.  It is fun to have a more personal burp cloth to use for your baby.  

I just found out about a few more babies on the way so I will be making some more things this fall and winter.  I can't wait!!!


KendasCrafts said...

What fun prints!! Girly, but not to babyish. Great idea for the crinkle blanket. I was just thinking about making something like this the other day, but was unsure what to use for the crinkle bits. Thanks for the great idea!!

hannah said...

The tag toy and nursing cover are awesome and such great gifts to make - I'm bookmarking your page for future baby shower gift ideas!! Thanks :)

Steph said...

These all look great! I love the fabric choice on the burp cloths and nursing cover. Nice Job!

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