Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Downstairs Makeover

This past weekend I decided our house needed a change.  I told my Hubby I wanted to take our Lounge and turn it into a playroom and get all the toys out of our living room.  I think I stepped on one too many matchbox cars and I snapped. Hubby was a great sport.  He was ready to help me get the house cleaned up and I sprung changing the rooms around on him at the last minute. So a huge thank you to my Hubby for helping me move everything around!

I am about to get real.  I did not put anything away before taking the before pics.  
(keep reading for a bonus mess at the end of the post!)

The Living Room before:
This is actually a good day for our living room. A bad day would have a pile of blocks dumped in the empty spaces. I don't know if you can see but the shelves on the back wall have no toys in them. They are all on the floor and in front of the fireplace.

You can see that I have a messy coffee table.  Confession: 90% of that is my mess. 

The Living Room after:
No more toys!!! We moved a couch that was in our lounge into this room.  We are actually planning on moving it down to our basement but we have a bunch of things we have to get rid of first before we can bring it down there. 

The only thing left is PB's reading chair and books.  See those blue tape lines on the floor?  We are looking at getting a new couch and I taped out the footprint to see how it would work in the room.

Hey,now I can see the fireplace!! Hubby and I love to relax together at night and watch TV.  Now we can do that and not look at a ton of toys. I will say the past 2 nights relaxing in that room have been pretty nice. 

The Lounge before:
The Lounge was supposed to be the "clean adult room."  If someone unexpectedly dropped by I could direct them right to this room and they wouldn't see the rest of the mess in the house.  Before PB came along Hubby and I used to sit in here and talk and have drinks and it was such a fun room for us. Now Hubby goes in there for a few hours on the weekend and reads while PB naps.  
The Lounge also became a dumping ground. PB's toys also started creeping into the room.  So the idea that it was my "clean room" went right out the window.
 The Lounge after:
We left the long couch and ottomans.  The ottomans now hold some toys that didn't have a place in our living room.  

He has plenty of storage and lots of space in the middle to play.  So far it is working out great!

Cost of this makeover: FREE!!!
That's right, free! We just moved furniture around and got rid of a few things. It took about 2 hours total.  Hubby did clean the Lounge really good and vacuum behind and under all the furniture. He's the best!

This was a pretty long post so since you made it this far, I have a bonus mess for you. 
 My Kitchen counter:
This sadly is what it has looked like for most of the summer.  Sometimes there were less dishes piled on it and sometimes it was worse.  

So while we were tackling the rest of the downstairs, I made this a priority too.  Hopefully I can keep it up.  I will admit that having fun with what is left of summer is higher on my priority list.  

Thanks so much for reading! Maybe this will inspire you to see what you can change up in your house.  You can make a big change in 2 hours!!


Gammie said...

Now that's amazing!

KendasCrafts said...

Lol, I can totally relate to this. It's amazing how much mess kids can produce. some day we will finish our basement and all the toys will go down there

Mike said...

Holy crap! I will definitely think about no toys in the living room when we have another room to dump Nolan in!

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