Monday, January 9, 2012

REORGANIZE 2012: The List

I think I am guest posting at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy tomorrow... I'll keep you posted :)

This list is made!! I am pumped. I am so excited to get started.

When I think about all the progress I made last year it motivates me to get this house into shape.
Some of the areas that were cleaned last year are now a disaster, others aren't so bad. I am ready to share my disaster areas with you all. So who's with me??!!! Many of the items on my list only take 5-10 minutes.
Stay tuned for pics of my super messy cabinets, drawers, closets and the king of all messy spaces, my craft area or maybe it's my kitchen. I think I will let you all decide.

Here is the list:

Take down Christmas (COMPLETED 1/8!!)
Take down outside lights (COMPLETED 1/8!!)

Master Bedroom
clean out all drawers in dressers clean out night stands clear and declutter shelves 

Master Closet
Go through clothes and purses and purge 
reorganize clothes on shelves 

Master Bathroom
Clean out cabinet and drawers 
Medicine cabinet
Guest Room
DeclutterWash dust ruffle and redo 

Laundry Closet
 Declutter and reorganize shelf

Linen Closet
Declutter and Reorganize 

Guest Bath
Clean and organize vanity 
Clean Medicine Cabinet

PB’s Room
Clean out baby toys from closet
Reorganize shelves as toy storage
Clean closet
Change to big boy bed

Declutter and Reorganize top cabinets 
Declutter and Reorganize bottom cabinets 
Declutter Drawers
Find a new place for all the baking supplies 
Clean freezer 
Clean Fridge 
Clean and organize pantry

Butler’s Pantry
Install Cabinets and Countertop (this was on the list last year, i really want to do this!!)

Living room
Go through toys and organize and move some to PB’s bedroom
Declutter entertainment center 
Declutter baskets in coffee table 
Move craft scissors into new craft storage on basement steps.

Coat Closet
Get rid of old coats 
Declutter shelves get rid of shoes and organize

Leather treat furniture
Clean out ottomans

Declutter downstairs 
Declutter and redecorate ledge 

Basement stairs
Install storage bins on the steps for craft stuff.

Organize entertaining closet 
toys- pack up some and organize others
Hubby’s office organize

craft area
purge and organize shelves and bins
Fabric- reorganize
Find a system for projects that need to be completed

Put away Christmas bins (COMPLETED 1/8!!)

Clean up iPhoto
Pin everything I keep unread in google reader
organize all my blog photos and purge those I don’t need
Finish my online course SO CLOSE!!

I crossed some things off already! YAY!!!

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Shanea said...

Good for you. And some things are already off the list which is just wonderful!

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