Monday, January 2, 2012

Art Smock for PB

This week I am going to share some of the things I made for Christmas gifts.  We have only been home from our AZ trip for a few days, had some visitors and now I am trying to get the house back to normal.  I have an epic amount of laundry :) I am also working on my list for REORGANIZE 2012.  I can't wait to get started!! 

PB loves to do crafts and draw.  When I saw there was an easel in the Kohls Black Friday door busters the art teacher side of me squealed at the thought of PB making paintings in the kitchen.  Well, every artist needs a smock of course so I hit up pinterest for ideas.  I found this tutorial from Tidbits.

It was really simple to make.  It is held together under the arms by velcro.  One yard can make 4 smocks or you can take the rest and make an art matt that is in the tutorial for the smock.  I made the head hole too big, DOH! So we clipped it in the back so he could paint right away.  I am ripping the binding off and making a new one out of the left overs right now.

This smock was fast to make, and it covers his clothes nicely.  This is his first time finger painting.  He is not a messy kid and started with one finger in the paint.  I had to show him how to get messy.  I can't wait to do more art projects with him!!


Sam W. said...

haha, love that you had to show your child how to get messy with paint :)

very cute smock!

happy new year!

Shanea said...

Neat smock! We have that easel and my son loves to make creations- we found some crayons for the dry erase side and they are fantastic!

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