Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sewing for Boys with Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Have you seen the series going on over at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! this week?  
Stacey is doing a Sewing for Boys Pump Up leading into her Sewing for Boys Sew Along!!! I will be guest posting next week!!! Here is a peek at what I made: 

 See you there!
Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Here are the last few pics from Christmas in AZ:
My SIL showing PB how to play piano.

My bro and cutie nephew snuggling.

Love my SIL and nephew.  
My cutie nephew loved my Hubby.  He liked to grab his beard.

He was trying to eat my face and making all these noises and squealing.  PB used to do that to me when he was a baby. I could snuggle my nephew all day.  

Waiting for our plane. 
 Leaving family is the worst.  We will see my mom in 2 months but I won't see my Bro, SIL and Nephew until summer.  At least we have memories of all the fun times.

Thanks for letting me share this pics with you this week.  I took over 700 and to narrow it down to just the ones I shared was hard.  I had a lot of fun with my camera in AZ and I hope to have more fun with it at home.  I need to just go out and play around more.  I also decided that I need to do more night photography.  I really enjoy the experimentation it takes to get a good photo.    

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Shanea said...

Looks like you had a fantastic trip. I am glad you put a smiling picture of your nephew, he looks so serious. Seriously cute too :)

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