Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Gap-tastic Cowls

I made a bunch of Gap-tastic Cowls for gifts this year.  These are made with a lighter weight yarn.  Some of the cowls were for people who live in AZ, it doesn't get too cold there.  I made 2 others that aren't in this picture.  I wish I would have take a pic of one of the recipients in their cowl, oh well.  I guess I was too busy enjoying the holiday :)

Here are a few pics from our Christmas in AZ:
PB went on a carousel for the first time with my Mom.

He also went for his first train ride.  I just love the way he is looking at his daddy here.

PB says, "this train ride is burrrr."

Hubby and I used some hotel points and spent a night away while PB hung out and wore out my mom.  We enjoyed some nice outside time by the fire.  

The hotel also gave us access to the spa and that was very relaxing! When you go to a hotel and they ask you if you are celebrating anything, always say yes.  Then make up something to celebrate.  We celebrated our engagement anniversary which was really a few weeks before. It has been 10 years since we got engaged.  That is how you get some nice little perks like spa access :)

I'll share a few more tomorrow.  I don't want to photo bomb you :) 


Christina said...

Photo of your mother and PB is incredible...don't know how you do it!

Sam W. said...

i'm totally going to start doing that at hotels :) get those perks!!

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