Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitty and Bear hat

I knitted hats for PB's best friend, A, and her baby sister, also A.  PB picked out the yarn and told he what kid of hat to make.  He even took a turn pretending to knit.  PB just sat there and hit the needles together.  He still insists that he made the hat!!

Here are a few more pics from Christmas in AZ:
We went to the Phoenix Zoo.  PB pet his first goat.  He touched it for a second and then ran away.  PB makes the best goat noise and made it for the goats and then insisted that they make the sound too.  They did not listen.

PB says, "Those goats are funny."

PB and my Bro had so much fun together.  PB ran the whole Zoo and wanted to do everything with his Uncle.  It was like Hubby and I did not exist :)

This was my cutie Nephew's first time to the zoo.  I got to carry him around in the carrier for a while which was so much fun for me.  My SIL helped him ride the horse.

I have a few left to share tomorrow :)


Sam W. said...

ahhh - those hats are so cute! love pb's :)

sounds like he might grow up to be a real animal lover!

Erin said...

How cute are these?!?!

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