Friday, December 16, 2011

Orange ornament

I just got this orange ornament from my friend, A.  I absolutely love felt and wood together.  I love when wood is intricately cut out.  I also have an obsession with cutting out snowflakes so this is really a prefect ornament for me.  PB and I are going to do coffee filter snow flakes this year.  

I am happy to say that i am almost done with my crafting for the holidays.  I have an art smock to make for PB and a couple other things too.  I really busted my butt to get it all done this week and I am feeling less stressed.  My house is a disaster but I'm OK with it :)

PB and I are going to make some cut out cookies today and I am hoping to go for a ride to look at lights this weekend.  My friend, JJ, suggested going to Chick-fil-a for milkshakes and then driving around, that sounds pretty great to me!!! Happy weekend!!!

1 comment:

The Joneses said...

You won't regret getting those milkshakes... you'll be hooked!! Have a great weekend!

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