Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Decor

I promised a peek at my Christmas decor a while ago.  I said I would take some pick when the house was clean.  Well, it is finally clean enough in these areas LOL!! But the areas not in the pics, DISASTER!

I really wanted to share my decor because when people come over the comment on how different it is.  I guess I never really thought about it but it does look very different from the decor my Mom hangs in her house.  I just like color and things that sparkle and that is how i decorate for the holidays.  This is the only holiday I decorate for.  (I do have a few halloween things but when your house is mostly orange you don't really have to do anything)  

These are the shelves between my living room and kitchen.  I put most of the things that are usually out away except for some of the vases and added some garland trees.  I stuck some of those glittery stick things you put in wreaths, whatever they are called, in my vases.  

Here is out mantle.  I picked up some glitter snowflakes at Target 4 for $1! I hung those on my wire art thing to make it more festive.  I don't know if i am sold on that.  I tried a wreath up there, but it looked weird.  Then I have more trees on the mantle with some chartreuse garland and our Christmas tree this year is a chartreuse green 5 foot tree.  It is small and thin so I can leave it decorated with a bag over it in the basement when it's not out.

Here is the top of PB's toy shelf.  I change out the pics in the frames to the pics from his first christmas.  I love those pictures.  There is a 5 minute garland tree I made and the mirror tree is Crate and Barrel from a few years ago and the white tree is from Target.  
This is the view right from the couch and is the opening to the garage door.  These hanging things were the fun things I bought on clearance at Target last year.  The swirly things actually are 3 of them together but I cut them apart which means I have 6 of each color.  I have red, chartreuse, silver and pink hanging around the house.  The green snowflake was also a clearance find at Target.  There are a few more of those hanging around the house.  Everything is hung with magic tape and has held really well.  

Here are more trees and fun spiral things.  This is right next to the front door.  The glitter snowflakes are from the dollar section at Target.  OH how I love Target!!  You can see my ribbon pillows on the couch in the lounge.  I really should do a tutorial for those, they make great gifts!  So I guess you won't find santa figurines or snowmen in my house.  Just some fun colors and lots of sparkle, oh how I love sparkle this time of year.  

That is pretty much all my decor.  Have more spiral hanging things by my windows and no decorations upstairs.  I think I still need a few things in the lounge.  Maybe more trees?  Is it getting to be too much of a forrest in here??


Sam W. said...

yay for sparkle! and you do have a lot of trees, but i think it looks fabulous. target is awesome - i got most of our stuff there this year.

-PFC said...

Do you still have that tree you made in ceramics my freshman year!? You used a cone, straight pins, and lots and LOTS of green glass beads..it was so cool :)

Kris @ everywhereorange.com said...

HAAHAA!!!! that is still sitting in my basement unfinished. I might have taken the pins and beads out and used the cone to make one of these trees. I only got like 1/8 done and it was like 5 pounds already!!! HAAHAA!!! i can't believe you still remember that :)

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