Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Owl Halloween Costume

Peanut Butter's owl costume is finally complete!  I am so happy with the way it turned out!!! 

The entire thing is made from upcycled materials, except for 1 yard of brown fleece!! I couldn't find a sweatshirt or fleece in good shape at the thrift stores. 

This costume would not be possible without two great tutorials that I followed. To make his hat I followed Cheryl's Upcycled Boy Hat tutorial.  To make the body piece I followed Rae's Baby Sunsuit tutorial.  Without these awesome tutorials, there is no way it would have turned out this great so a big thank you to Cheryl and Rae!!!  

He was really not into the costume at first, but then he saw himself in the mirror and started yelling "OWL!!!" Today he asked to put the costume on so I took him outside for a photo shoot.

I added some butt feathers to the body.  I cut 3 feathers too many.  What a happy accident because they might be my favorite part.  Especially since they wiggle when he walks.  
You may recognize the pants, they are made from shirt sleeves.

He even flaps his wings when we ask him. 

This was a labor of love, there are 49 feathers and 42 of them had to be hand sewed on.

We are ready for Halloween!  Now I just need to whip up some owl hats for the hubby and I.

 Here is a little peek at how I made the costume:

              Here is the front and back of the body suit:

The buttonholes didn't go as planned on the fleece.

I followed Rae's tutorial for the body suit, the only thing I changed is I folded over the fabric and made a pocket for the elastic at the leg holes and the top.  If i was making this for a girl, I would have made a sunsuit, I thought it looked a little girly though for Peanut Butter :)

For the Jacket:

I traced a jacket that fits Peanut Butter into a pattern, but I made it a short jacket.  
 the back, jacket was made from a knit shirt.
(i used the coupon pages from the newspaper to use as pattern paper)

 front pieces, you need 2.  I cut it wide on one side so there would be room for buttons.
Arm is cut from fleece.  The arm is only closed under the armpit, then it opens up the rest of the way down the arm and is a little longer than the jacket sleeve.
I also added a fleece edge around the neck of the jacket.

The feathers:

I cut a feather shape out of paper.  Then I traced it onto black interfacing using chalk and cut them all out.  Next I ironed them on the shirts and cut them all out again.  They were sewn on the jacket at the top of the feathers. I used 3 different men's shirts for the feathers and tried to alternate the feathers.  

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Gammie said...

Totally Owlsome!

Rae said...

oh the cuteness!!! :P

~Beth D. said...

Oh my! This is so sweet! love it!
found you on Someday Crafts.

Jaime Mclean Dalrymple said...

This costume is beyond cute! Such wonderful inspiration and helpful instructions. I just wanted to let you know that I included a picture and link back to it on my blog:

Unknown said...

This is amazing. I just love it, especially the body suit. Another great costume making me wish I'd taken the time to make my kids' this year.

Jenah said...

Wow! Your owl costume is so cute! I had a plan in my head for one and yours and mine together, I think, will be great! My daughter is going to be an owl, but ours is going to be a funky girl owl! Purple, pink, and orange! She also requested a mask, so I am making a mask instead of a hat. Too bad, I thought the hat was adorable! :)

Sarah said...

I'm making this for my son this year... I'm SUPER excited. I went to goodwill to get "fabric" to use and I'm thrilled with the pieces I found. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

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