Monday, September 27, 2010

Owl Hat

 Peanut Butter is going to be an owl for Halloween.  
My Mom sent him this owl stuffed animal and he is more owl crazy than ever.  

 I decided I was going to upcycle his costume so when I saw Cheryl's Upcycled Boy Hat, I knew it would be the hat for his costume.
I loved how she added embellishments with stitching and buttons, so I added the owl's face using felt onto the hat.

I changed one thing from her pattern.  I kept the top piece a rectangle so that there would be pointy ears on the hat. Before I sewed the face on, it reminded me of a Batman mask... I might have to make one of those in the future.
The top section is a little big.  I might sew it down a little so it fits more snugly.  
When he saw himself in the hat, he said a very excited, "OWL!"

The brown t-shirt I used said professional air guitarist, I really wanted to get all that on there, but his head is so small! This was so simple, I am going to whip up 2 more hats for me and my husband to wear on Halloween too.  

Check out the tutorial over at I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar!

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Unknown said...

Cutest thing EVER. :)

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