Monday, September 20, 2010

Owl Cake Pops

I just picked up Bakerella's book Cake Pops.  
Confession:  There were owls on the cover.  When I saw that, the book was one-click ordered before I even knew what happened.  So of course the first cake pop I made was OWLS!!!

My first attempt at cake pops went pretty well.  It was very easy and I will definitely do it again.  It took me about 2 hours to dip and decorate all the pops.

I did plain cake pops with jungle sprinkles as well as owls.  Some of my owls were a little wonky, but they were still delicious!

The cake/icing/chocolate combination was:
Dark chocolate cake/ dark chocolate icing/ dark chocolate for dipping
Very decadent and very delicious!!

Peanut Butter went crazy when he saw all the owls!  All I heard all morning was, "owl, owl...OWL!!!"  it was very cute and so worth the time to make them.  

Check out Bakerella for more of her amazing ideas and there is a great how to video here.


Unknown said...

Oh, I know! I just glommed onto the whole cake pop craze myself! I got the cake pop book bakerella put out!

btw, I'm your newest follower. I'm glad I saw your zipper clutch on MADE!

Unknown said...

sua arte é maravilhosa.

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