Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lemon Snacky Snack Sack

Peanut Butter loves to eat.  He carries his (orange) snack cup almost all day.

But some of his snacks don't quite fit nicely in his snack cup.  So I whipped him up a snacky snack sack from the leftover lemon fabric I had from making the lemon tablecloth to hold his larger snacks.  
For the interior fabric I walked around JoAnn Fabrics and felt all the fabrics.  This ripstop nylon seemed like a good choice, and It didn't have a smell like the vinyl.  
I like that it stands up nicely and the bottom can be rolled down to use it as a bowl.
Now Peanut Butter can enjoy his Veggie Stix! 
We got many compliments on the snacky snack sack at the pool!
The finished bag is 6.5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

I didn't write up an official tutorial, because this bag is so simple to make.  But here is how I made it.
  1. Cut the fabrics all 1/2 inch wider all the way around.
  2. Sew the inside bag and the outside bag.
  3. Attach 2 inches of velcro to the outside bag.  One goes 1/2 inch from the top on one side.  The other is 2.25 inches from the top on the opposite side.  (I put the scratchy one on the top of the bag.)
  4. Pin the bags right sides together.  
  5. Sew around but leave a 2 inch opening for turning inside right.
  6. Sew a double seam around the top.  
The bag is floppy, maybe when I make some more I will use some interfacing to fix the floppiness.  


Mike said...

You have to help me find a good sewing machine so I can start in on this stuff!

Kris @ said...

I would love to see you sew this stuff!!! i thought Tif borrowed a machine from her mom??

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