Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hustle and bustle

We have had a crazy weekend and there is a more crazy week ahead of us! I thought I would share some pics I took.  I actually had my DSLR out to play this weekend :)
We had breakfast with Santa.  PB was very excited, he wanted to dress up!

Then we went to pick out and cut down a tree.  PB helped Hubby by holding up the branches.  

Then we decorated the tree.  I felt the same way when it was done.  I could have taken a nap under that tree!
I also did some baking! These cookies are for PB's preschool party today and I made a lot so some are for his holiday program too later in the week. 

And this is the most exciting part of the week and it happened yesterday:
We had a picnic at my Mom's new house!!! She signed the papers yesterday!!! Now for the best news... it's 2 blocks away from my house!!!! Can you believe how lucky I am!!! She went from living across the United States to 2 blocks away.  I am beyond excited!!! Her stuff is coming this week so combine that with holiday baking and Christmas prep, it is going to be one crazy week.  So sorry if I duck out for the rest of the week, there is a ton to do around here :) See you for some orange on Friday!

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Shanea said...

YAY!! I have taken a little hiatus and look what I missed. Glad she is going to be in your hood...some people are going to be very spoiled. Oh and the littles will be getting some spoiling too :)

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