Friday, August 3, 2012

PB's new orange shoes

PB saw these shoes in Target a month ago and yelled, "OOOOHHHHHH I need those shoes for preschool!!!" I told him we had to wait until they went on sale :) I love a good sale.  This week they finally did and he got some new shoes that he has been wearing around the house and telling me he can run faster and jump higher because the bottom of the shoes are orange.  HAAHA! Love this kid!

Here is a look at the whole shoe.  He wears a lot of orange, grey and blue so these are going to match most of his clothes.

The Summer Bucket List has taken a back seat to the Olympics.  We have Olympics fever.  If there was a medal for watching the Olympics, I am pretty sure I would have the gold medal this week.  I wasn't feeling great this week, a summer cold has been going around, so it was nice to relax to the Olympics.  

Hubby's birthday was yesterday.  He scheduled a work trip on his birthday which meant we couldn't celebrate until tonight.  I would like to thank the co-pilot that didn't show up for hours and then when he did, he couldn't fly the plane because he had been working too long.  My Hubby cancelled his trip and got to be home on his birthday.  I think it was meant to be because you shouldn't be allowed to travel for work on your birthday.  PB and I did a little scrambling to have everything done yesterday.  We wrapped and made his cake all just in time to celebrate.  
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Hubby who works so hard and sacrifices so much to provide for our family.  Sorry you had to waste all the time Wednesday driving to the airport just to sit there for a while and drive back home.  I hope the cake makes up for it :)

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KendasCrafts said...

awesome shoes and I love the chef's hat!

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