Monday, June 25, 2012

Anthro-Inspired pillow for cousin D

My cousin, D, emailed me and asked me if I could make this pillow from Stuff Steph Does.
I said, "Of course!" and got started.  I teased the fabrics here
D asked for blues and greens.  I am not a green fan, but I do like some lime green and chartreuse. Especially when it is paired with Navy.  I followed the tutorial but I printed the pattern at 92% because she wanted a 16X16 pillow.  Also, in the tutorial, Steph used glue to tack down the edges, then straight stitched and then zig zag stitched.  That seemed like way too much work for me so I used wonderunder like I have used for other applique.  Steph had piping on her pillow which looked really cool but I was out of time so I omitted it.  

I made a flap for the pillow to slide into so she could remove the cover for washing.  Also so I could just mail her the covers in an envelope and she can get the pillow forms by her house. I would have loved to get a side by side pic of the pillows on my couch but I only have 1 16X16 pillow.  It is orange :)

The back color piece was a happy accident.  I cut the back too short so I added the center color from each pillow on the back.  I really like it so I am glad I made that mistake. 

Here is the second pillow.

This was a time consuming project.  Tracing all the shapes on the wonderunder, cutting them out.  Figuring out what fabrics to put them on so no fabrics would touch each other, ironing on all the wonderunder, cutting out the fabric, ironing on the pillow and sewing around each shape.  I did all the tracing and cutting while PB played on the driveway.  It took a few days.  Then I sewed most of the day on a Sunday to finish.  

Here is a close up.  I did 2 different colors for the zig zag around the petals.  I used turquoise and green.  
I changed it up and switched where the colors were just to make the pillows look even more different.  

So even though it did take a lot of time, it was so worth it. I seriously love these pillows and am really thinking about making one for myself.  I would really like to redo the pillows in my lounge.  I think this one might work, but all in orange fabrics :)


erica said...

Oh my word! That turned out AMAZING! You are so talented. xo

Gammie said...

It is beautiful! D must be very happy.

Anonymous said...

I love them! They are perfect in our gazebo! D

Shanea said...

So phenomenal! WOW! You did a great job.

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