Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ruffle Diaper cover

My friend, J, just had a baby girl.  She had the hat already and asked me to make a matching diaper cover.  
Isn't the hat so super cute!!  It is definitely a homemade hat.  I wonder who made it. I found some knit fabric that matched the flower perfectly.  Dana's diaper cover tutorial was so easy to follow and was quick to put together.  I attached the ruffles after I sewed the cover together and before I threaded the elastic.  

Here is a look at the front.  I think that the knit is nice because it doesn't fray so you can leave the edges of the ruffles the raw cut edge and you don't have to serge/fold under the other edges when you sew.  But it does stretch weird when you are sewing and can get a little tricky.  I had to take out a few seams and redo them.  
Also, am I the only one that takes forever pulling through the elastic.  I am sure that it took me just as long to get the elastic in there as it did to make the cover.  I think next time I make a cover, I am going to use cotton and see how it goes.  Dana's tutorial couldn't me cuter or simpler.  

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