Friday, June 8, 2012

Orange lawn mower

This is our orange lawn mower.  No, we did not get this lawn mower because it was orange.  It is just a bonus.  It is another Fiskars product.  
It's an old school push mower.  Hubby got rid of our gas mower a few years ago and we made the switch to a greener alternative.  No more smelly, hot days pushing that stinky mower.  The blades are self sharpening and there is some great technology in the design.  It has come a long way since the original push mower.  

The best part... hangs on our garage wall! Hubby can still park his car next to it.  Isn't that awesome!! 

I know you are wondering how hard it is to mow with and honestly it isn't too hard.  But when the grass gets to long or too thick it is a workout.  When it is too thick or long you might have to mow it twice.  Once with the blades set high and again with the blades at the normal height.  So that means you really have to stay up on mowing the lawn and that might mean mowing every 5 days if you get as much rain as we have so far this year.  Also you have to make sure to get a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn when you go on vacation so you don't come home to a jungle to mow.

I actually mowed for hubby last week. He has been working like a dog so I took this off his plate for the week to help him out.  Our yard isn't huge and it takes the same amount of time to mow as it did with the other mower.  The biggest difference is the quiet.  No more blasting the music in my headphones to hear over the engine.  And no waking a sleeping kid during nap time.  

Happy Weekend!

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