Friday, June 22, 2012

PB's Orange Swim Gear

Of course PB is all decked out in orange for the pool!! We went to AZ for a long visit last week to visit with my Mom and to celebrate my Nephew's birthday with my Bro and SIL.  
Here is my Nephew and PB you can see the rest of his suit here.  Funny thing is I bought this suit on clearance when he was a baby and he finally fits into it.  It's a 2T and I have to tie the inside strings really tight.  What is even funnier is my Nephew just turned 1 and is only 6 pounds lighter than PB. HAAHAA!!
We had such a great time in AZ.  I love being with my mom.  This trip felt like a true vacation because PB wanted to do everything with Gammie so I got a break.  He wore my Mom out! I actually read the entire 50 shades series when I was there.  I am not a reader and usually only will read magazines but everyone was reading it so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  Anyone else read the series?
The best part of the week was spending time with my Nephew.  My Bro and SIL were packing up their house when we were there and preparing to move pretty far away.  So we got to watch this little guy a bunch.  He is so adorable!! He is crawling and he crawls over to his dog and puts the nose in his mouth and then keeps crawling.  I just had the best time with him.  Luckily PB wasn't too jealous, he was so happy to be with Gammie.  

Going home after vacation is the worst.  We have been home all week and I still haven't finished the laundry.  I actually finally unpacked the plane bag yesterday.  My brain still feels like it is on vacation so it has made this week interesting.  

I am just so glad it is the weekend. I hope I can finally get back on track!!
Happy Weekend!!

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