Friday, September 9, 2011

Orange Gym Bag

This is the bag I use to take my orange running shoes, socks, lock, water and headphones to the gym.  My cousin, D, gave me this bag, she knows how much I love orange :)

I signed up to do my first 5K in October so I have been training for the run.  I am really excited to do my first 5K and training has been going pretty good.  The race is in little over a month and I really am only interested in finishing and hopefully jogging the whole thing no matter how long it takes :)  Happy Weekend!


Sam W. said...

yay for jogging!! can't wait to hear about your first 5k :)

Unknown said...

I love the bag and good for you. I think I'd keel over and die if I tried to run a 5K right now but it is definitely on my list. Getting back in shape, that is.

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