Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Shower Gift

I am finally allowed to shout this news as loud as I want:
I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!!! I am so excited that my brother and his wife are having a baby!! This gift is not for them, I like to think of it as a warm up to all the sewing to come :)

My Hubby's cousin is having a baby and I decided to do a homemade gift for them. So I made a few quilted burp cloths, some crinkly taggie toys, a nursing cover, a car seat blanket and a boppy cover.  It was a really fun gift to make!  She is having a boy and i knew she has sky blue and brown as her colors for the nursery.  I did take some pics of possible fabrics and sent them to her so she could pick her favorites.  We both had the same favorites, which made it even more fun!

the nursing cover. I wanted it to be in her color palate, but also feminine.
(tutorial coming soon)

Quilted Burp Cloths

Crinkly taggie toys

I made a bunch of these for Peanut Butter when he was a few months old.  I used wipes refill bags as the crinkle.  I'll make a tutorial for this soon too :)

Boppy cover and car seat blanket.  I bought a pillow at Joanns and followed the pattern on the bag.  It has an invisible zipper, that was surprisingly easy to sew.  Also I stuffed the pillow with extra stuffing because it didn't feel full enough.  
With the leftover fabric I made a small blanket that will be a perfect fit when the baby is in the infant car seat.


Shanea said...

I love it! Such great fabric choices. I think being an Aunt is the best!!!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

These are so beautiful/adorable/thoughtful/AWESOME!!!!! I cant wait for your tutorials... I can't sew to save my life but I dream of learning how in time for my friend's and I to start having little ones =) I will stalk your blog for any sewing help I can get! haha any tips?

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Kris @ said...

now i'm not a master sewer, but if you know how to thread your machine, you are half way there! i just make sure i always measure twice and cut once. fabrics usually go right sides together. and put the pedal to the metal. Start easy with a pillow. If you can sew a pillow you can sew burp cloths, taggies or even the nursing cover. it really isn't as hard as it seems!!!

Meri said...

oooh I love the taggy blankies. I think I want one for myself to help get me through winter :)
Awesome stuff!

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