Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yard and garden addition

This project started in the beginning of May.  We wanted to add some planting beds around the house and expand our garden.  I am happy to say that after 3 weeks of very hard work, it's done!
We rented a tiller to help us break down the grass.  I hand cut all our existing beds and new beds to make them all look nice again.  We also raked up the old mulch and used it to fill in parts of our yard.  
The supervisor came out to make sure we were doing a good job.  

We tilled the beds and put some landscaping tarp down the first weekend.  Then it rained a bunch and not much got done.  

Then I started working on building the new garden box.  

I got it all done during nap times this week, all by myself!!!! i have to say, i'm pretty proud! I never build anything this large by myself.  I know how to do it, it's just that it's nice to have a helper to hold things while you drill.  But hubby was traveling and I was determined :)

PB and I picked out some bushes together too to go around our air conditioner.

We had 6 cubic yards of mulch delivered.  

PB got in on the action by helping us fill the new garden box one bucket at a time.
IT'S FINISHED!!!!!!! we had the most beautiful weather this weekend and we got it all done! My whole body hurts.  Tomorrow I will be doing nothing lol The garden boxes are all set with tomatoes, zucchini and herbs.  The whole new garden box is all herbs.  Hubby has been making herb popcorn and we are obsessed.  Now that all the yard work is done, I get to focus on the kitchen which hasn't started yet.  


Shanea said...

WOW! Love the transformation. Go YoU!! What a big undertaking. Looks great and seems like the veggies will be well appreciated. Enjoy.

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